Izunna Okpala is a graduate of Information Technology from the Federal University of Technology Owerri. He graduated as the best MSc student in the school with a distinction. Also, he was the second-best graduating student in his department for the bachelor's degree. With 9 international papers and 2 local publications to his name, Izunna is also an approved reviewer in Springer Open, having reviewed several publications in the Journal of Big Data. In 2019, Izunna became an Opportunity Funds Scholar and received a funded offer from the US. He accepted a fully-funded scholarship to the University of Cincinnati worth over $40,000 per year for his Ph.D. in Information Technology with emphasis on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. He is currently enrolled in the University of Oxford summer school in Machine Learning on scholarship for 3 weeks. Izunna says "The professionalism and passion for students to which the advisers in EducationUSA operate is out of this world, and none of the above-mentioned accomplishments would have been possible without the proper guidance and assistance offered by the EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program (OFP)”