College Application Workshops

We hold seminars and workshops to guide our members on:

School Selection

This workshop enlightens students on factors to consider when researching options and how to measure their academic strengths against the requirements of their selected institutions. 

College Application Essays

This is designed to show prospective undergraduate students how to write competitive admission essays.

Statement of Purpose

This is designed for prospective graduate students to learn how to accurately present their academic and career intents as part of their graduate application.

Common Application

The Common Application Workshop is a step-by-step workshop aimed at guiding undergraduate students on using the application platform. The Common Application allows prospective undergrads to submit one application to as many as 20 schools.

Résumé  Writing

The workshop holds separately for graduate and undergraduate members. This is a workshop on creating winning resumes for college applications.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Massive Open Online Courses are helpful in presenting strong applications as well as making students competitive.