I studied Biochemistry at the University of Nigeria, and graduated with first class honours, receiving the University Prize for the Best Graduating Student in Biochemistry. Some of my best life experiences have been after leaving the University, and EducationUSA has played a huge part: I have met some of the most intelligent people in the OFP, made good friends, learnt a great deal from wonderful advisors, and published my first research paper (which also gave me my first citation). The 2019/2020 application cycle was successful, and I received fully funded PhD offers from The University of Utah, Iowa State University, the University of Kentucky, and Michigan State University. I have accepted the PhD offer from Michigan State University, where I will be carrying out research in drug discovery and development (with specific interests in neurodegenerative diseases) within the Department of Chemistry. The EducationUSA Opportunity Funds program provided assistance, guidance, resources, information, and most importantly gave me a family. Thank you so much Mrs U and Mrs A, I am truly grateful for the experience.