Adetoye Henry Adekoya is a first-class graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ibadan. As a student, he served in several leadership roles including being the vice-chairman of the electoral committee of the department's student body (Nigerian institution of Mechanical Engineers, UI chapter). He was also a member of the Design and Manufacturing club and the Air, Land, and Marine Club and was involved in several projects which were primarily aimed at integrating newer students into the department. Prior to joining the Education USA program in 2019, Henry applied to 5 schools in the united states without being admitted into any. With the assistance of the Education USA advisors, He was admitted into 5 Institutions. He accepted an offer from Northwestern University worth over $90,000 for his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Henry says that being part of the Education USA Opportunity Funds Program was what made a difference in his applications. He is grateful for the invaluable tips, guidance, and assistance all through the way.