Somto Dimobi

Meet Somto Dimobi

Somto Dimobi joined EducationUSA right after graduating from Emerald High School as the Valedictorian. After a little over a year of working with EducationUSA, she was admitted into Vanderbilt University on full financial aid to study Chemical Engineering.

At Vanderbilt, Somto is a well-known student leader. As an individual who is passionate about social impact, mentorship and empowerment, she works closely with the International Office on strategies to improve the transition of international students into Vanderbilt’s campus. Her love for problem-solving is not forgotten, as she has presented her drug delivery research at up to 6 conferences and won multiple awards. She is also currently producing a 1st Co-author paper on her research findings through her research program, SyBBURE.

Somto is also very involved in the National Society of Black Engineers(NSBE) and currently serves as the Regional International Chair. Her long-term goals involve tackling the interconnected problems of poverty, homelessness and education using a social enterprise model in Nigeria.