Kaosisochi Anyanwu attended Lagoon Secondary School, Lekki Lagos. She joined EducationUSA during her gap year while also attending Chinese classes at the University of Lagos. EducationUSA exposed Kaosi to the opportunities that were open to someone of her status. Following an impressive score in SAT, Kaosi was accepted by 5 leading American universities in disciplines ranging from Finance, Management and Engineering. Kaosi choose to study Mechanical Engineering on scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although her freshman year was challenging due to adjustment issues, Kaosisochi has since bounced back maintaining GPAs above 3.5 during her sophomore year.  She is a member of various clubs such as National society of black engineers, Pitt program council, an organization that focuses on campus events, YMCA where she volunteers etc. She was one of the few in her school that were accepted to teach a class that focused on the transition of incoming freshmen into college. She was invited by one of her mechanical engineering professors to be his teaching assistant.  Kaosi is currently doing a six month internship at American Airlines in Texas in their engineering department while also preparing to start research in the spring with one of her professors when she returns back to school. Kaosi is an avid artist and versatile writer.