“Sometimes you need to follow your instincts and make your own way”.

Meet EducationUSA Alum Valentine Oderah Osakwe. Valentine was one of the older students when he joined EdUSA, after spending some time away from school due to some unfortunate events. His burning desire to continue his education was unparalleled. He is also one of the committed and charismatic person that I have encountered he will go out of his way to help new EdUSA students. With the help of EducationUSA Valentine got a scholarship to study computer science at Northwest Missouri State University. In the one year he has been there, he has been able to work as International Recruitment Assistant while also working as a Teaching assistant. Valentine has been able been able to balance the difficult task of also being active in some school organizations. He is currently the President of the International Student Organization, Vice-President of the African Student Organizations, Leadership Green Mentor, Co-Chair Civic service Committee on the Students Senate. Off note, as an International Student senate representative, he traveled to the state capital to with fellow student senate members to lobby on behalf of students, when budget for higher education was cut. One of his career goals is working at a top IT company. We celebrate you Valentine, for your motivation, drive and commitment. Keep hitting those marks!