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Road to 1600

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I am sure that most of you think that the SAT is one of the most nerve-racking parts of the College Application. No worries dear reader! This edition brings you first-hand information from a student just like you.

Meet Somto Dimobi!

Meet Somto Dimobi!
Somto Dimobi

Critical reading: 800
Math: 710

College: Vanderbilt University, Tennessee
Major: Chemical Engineering

Tips for Acing the SAT

  • Take the diagnostic test before taking the other full practice tests.
  • Keep track of your scores in all your practice tests! This will allow you to
    note your progress in different sections. Also encourage yourself (we all know it
    gets hard)!
  • Read through practice tests from different authors: I started with Kaplan,
    then Peterson’s before finishing off with Barrons. I felt that there was a slight
    increase in difficulty at each stage and I was able to see different question
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Once you have the necessary SAT tools from
    reviewing the textbook content, do full practice tests, grade and review both
    your right and wrong answers (right answers too because we all play the
    guessing game sometimes)! Especially in the reading section, you will start
    noticing trends that you can apply to the real test.
  • Always remember that you can do it! Dedicate at least a third of your day
    to studying in a designated area and be honest with yourself about your
    strengths and weaknesses!
  • Finally, crush it! 🙂


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